Our Mission

The Shatter Foundation connects girls in underserved communities with access to capital, networks and markets to foster an inclusive economy and equitable entrepreneurship.

Girls of color, especially African American and Hispanic girls, both bear the burden of race and gender disparity in business. We want to change this disparity into a network of #girlswhoshatter these barriers.

Shatter Foundation


The Shatter Foundation provides the first step on the entrepreneurial journey of young girls in underserved communities by providing education around the business side, micro- finance, and applying our niched expertise of investing in the important emerging market of female entrepreneurs.


The Shatter Foundation, like the Shatter Fund, is rooted in the belief that women and girls are the pathway to global economic success. There are entire communities of talent in the US and abroad being overlooked due to lack of exposure to what is possible, and lack of access to the entrepreneurial ecosystem.


We will provide aspiring entrepreneurs with the foundational skills to start businesses through our investing expertise, and by connecting them to our vast network of mentors, advisors, and financial resources necessary to scale the innovation economy.

Shatter Foundation

Call to action: education, investment + mentorship

Our expertise of investing in women combined with our deep knowledge of the female economies and partnerships across the business and Tech ecosystems enables us to provide monetary grants and mentorship to aspiring young entrepreneurs.

Shatter Foundation Partnerships

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