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A curated network to provide female entrepreneurs with access to capital, networks, and markets.

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Why now?

On the heels of the success of the U.S.-India Alliance SHATTER SUMMIT at the U.S. State Department on January 26th, 2023, the Alliance’s commitment to invest in + empower women and girls, and the Shatter Foundation’s new membership in the U.S.-India Alliance - these milestones fueled demand for a curated network and an outpouring of support and interest in a collaborative focusing on women entrepreneurs in South Asia + Central Asia. India seemed the strong choice as the 1st region to launch SHATTER CONNECT, with plans to scale other regions. If the Indian economy is to grow consistently in the next three decades, ecosystems that support every kind of woman entrepreneur must be created.

Women Entrepreneurs are Shaping the Future of India


India can potentially add US$ 700 billion to the global GDP by increasing women’s participation in the labor force.
—McKinsey Global


In India, 45% of the start-ups are run by women of which 50,000+ are recognized by the government. India had the most women-led start-ups turning into unicorns in 2021.*

150-170 Million

Est. over 30 million+ women-owned businesses are expected to provide 150–170 million jobs by 2030 - a game changer + an economic outlook that looks brighter than ever.*

(*Source: IBEF India Brand Equity Foundation 2022)

"Female entrepreneurs need access to capital and a global network to support them. I am thrilled to announce SHATTER CONNECT, a curated network to provide the impactful connections necessary for Indian women entrepreneurs to be successful.

This private network will bridge the gap between entrepreneurs in India and my network of women change-makers in the U.S."

Shelly Kapoor Collins Founder Shatter Fund + Shatter Foundation
+ Partner, SWAY Ventures

The Shatter Foundation introduces SHATTER CONNECT, a curated network to provide female entrepreneurs with access to capital, networks, and markets.

SHATTER CONNECT is the next chapter of the Shatter Foundation, which venture capitalist and entrepreneur Shelly Kapoor Collins founded in 2021 to benefit underserved girls by providing them with educational tools, grants, and mentorship. SHATTER CONNECT network will launch a collective in India in 2023, then scale to other regions.

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