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I am very excited to serve as an advisor to Shatter and be involved with a company that is strategically engaged in supporting the many communities of female entrepreneurs in the US and abroad. Franklin Templeton has a deep commitment to increasing diversity in asset management, and we want to be at the forefront of driving positive change in our industry. I look forward to being involved with a company working to make meaningful impact in connecting female entrepreneurs with access to capital, networks and markets Jenny Johnson, CEO, Franklin Templeton Investments
Shelly has been a valued advisor to Glamsquad for the successful launch of our newest DC market. Her robust network and her passion and drive make her an asset to any organization Amy Schecter, CEO, GlamSquad
Shatter Fund has been an invaluable partner from day zero as we have taken the Riveter from ideation to reality. From strategic advice to key intros, Shelly has been an valuable partner to the Riveter in expanding our footprint in new markets. Amy Nelson, Founder and CEO, The Riveter
Working with Shelly and the Shatter Fund team has been an incredible experience. They’re wonderfully engaged, and they come up with the most amazing opportunities to get us in front of clients! Erin Rothman, Founder and CEO, Storm Sensor

The Shatter Fund

We WANT to be
"just another statistic"

Historically, companies with female founders performed 66% better than those with all male-founders.

That is why the Shatter Fund exclusively invests in high potential disruptive technology companies led by female entrepreneurs.

It's in the data.

Our Value

Shatter's value goes beyond a check.

The Shatter team is a fully engaged strategic partner to our porfolio companies for distribution, resources, mentorship and access to our vast network of operators and investors.


Drive returns for investors as the premier investment fund for women entrepreneurs


Drive new economic growth and spur innovation

female entrepreneur

Close the gender gap by providing the go-to funding opportunity for female entrepreneurs

Our Focus Areas

There are not enough female entrepreneurs.

In fact, men made up 59.4% of all new entrepreneurs in 2016*.

Legacy industries such as Healthcare, Education and Finance, where women are the majority of the workforce and largely the end-customer are ripe for disruption. We are actively seeking women entrepreneurs who want to scale their innovative companies in these spaces. And, we are seeking women led technology companies in general.

Women should be building solutions “for” women. Many issues that concern millions of women still lack innovative solutions because women fight an uphill battle as entrepreneurs.

*2016 Kauffman Index of Startup Activity
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